Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Daily Production Still #5

Technically not  a still, but one of the big "quality" techniques I just implimented was a radial change in seasons instead of a passive one. I can still scale things passivley, and probably will for some instances but for some shots/effect changes, having the radial change is going to be super cool.

Warning: This Gif is large

Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily Production Still #4

Hey folks. Been a while since I was at Siggraph, then traveling (so essentially out 10 days). I did lots of concepts for the main device and have some cool stuff to show coming soon. In the mean time, just polishing up a few things (more on that soon).

Here is a still from me playing around with the amount of light the trees are picking up. Trying to remove some darker spots.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Daily Production Still #3

Lots of hours spent tonight populating the environment. Here is where I started:

After some work I got to here:

Nothing crazy. Much later I ended here:

This shot is a good representation of the final visual quality I will be aiming for. I consider the environment and lighting (not post and rendering) to be at ~85-90%.  It uses every asset I made over the past few weeks.  Here are my thoughts:

What I like: 
-The density feels great in spots. Very natural
-The lighting holds up very well. This is better than I had been hoping for.
-The grass blends much better than I thought it would, and shrinking down the flowers was a fun touch.

What I dont like:
-The big trees feel to sparse along the trunk
-Parts of the background still give that feel that they arent in a forest (specifically the back left)
-Some shapes still feel strange, like the big rock to the left
-Some ground meshes were lost, and some of the leaves don't hold up that well on the saplings when viewed from this angle
-The small tree to the center left is just too dark.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Daily Production Still #2

A second still. Last night was focusing on setting up the birch bark (which turned out excellent).

What I liked: The detail and blending around the base of the birch tree.

What I dont: The tiny weeds are not casting shadows, and the value of the secondary bark is just too dark and boring.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daily Production Stills

Going forward on my current project, I will be capturing daily stills as a form of accountability, and to help motivate myself (and to track progress).  I will also be including what I like and what I dislike (for fun and to stay objective).

As of today, Most of the environment is near shippable quality. As a result I have switched over to shot and world building.  Here is my first true production still (an early WIP of one of the shots, no foliage, no real lighting, no ground painting, etc).

What I like:
A fan of the rocks blending into the mid and background, how 3D the grass reads despite being flat planes

What I dislike:
Still needs bark textures, Grass height feels very random.

Monday, August 4, 2014

More Foliage

Slowly wrapping up art production on the environment. Testing some foliage coverage with grass. Pretty pleased with the results (color is incorrect due to vert colors).