Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crunch Time

While its not always a fun thing, I am currently crunching to my hearts extent (read: voluntary, to make a kickass game) on Infamous Second Son.

Needless to say my hours at home have become even less, so the personal art has without a doubt slowed WAY down.  This will probably continue for a while, but not forever. In the meantime, behold a crappy 10 minute zbrush doodle!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Minecraft shaders and some updates

*EDIT* Just to be clear, these are not my shaders. I have done post effects and surface shaders in the past, this is not them. This is from the glorious minecraft community, credit goes to them

Hey folks, been a while since I typed or shared art. The unfortunate truth is between some medical stuff and crunching at work, I have not had as much time as I would have wanted. That being said, it wont last forever, sand I wont be stopping at all, just slowing down.

I did want to share some fun stuff I have been playing with. Below are some screenshots from my modded copy of minecraft featuring some fun GLSL shaders.  Its amazing what is added with some shadows.

Being a long time minecraft player, I was impressed with how much this added back to my experience (though some of that wonder could be that I switched to playing Hexxit, a more pve based modpack built on top of the technic launcher).

There are a decent number of shader packs out there ranging from features and performance. Here are some of the features I have seen:

HDR Tone mapping
Dynamic sun/moon shadows
Toon shaders
Custom lighting models
Adjusting of time of day lighting
Screen space water reflections
vertex shaders for ripples in the wayer
AA and AF
Basic DoF
Sun lens flares
God Rays
Motion blur

Overall, I would say the water reflections, shadows, and some of the tonemapping truly add quite a bit to the experience. The reflections and the shadows ground the world a bit more physically (while the DoF can add even more it gets a bit nautious at times), while some of the color adjustments really help with some crazy mood adjusts. Check out these screen differences between the different shader packs:

My favorite has got to be the bottom left. Tuning down the influence of the lights was a great way to increase the mood, and the saturation of the warms and cools really adds welcoming feel to any light source in a dark area. Note taken for later:

Anyway, just some thoughts. I really need to pull some of these together into my own custom pack.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Daily Painting #108

This one was more of a  concept piece for a space Ill be working with. Highly unsuccesful and capturing nearly anything I want. Definitely made me realize that while my painting quality has improved, long way to go.

Monday, October 7, 2013

New narrative project

Hey folks, wanted to share some exciting news. Officially starting a slightly larger narrative project. This will be a short interactive experience in the UDK (at least for now). More coming soon (some concepts, etc) but for now, doing short functionality tests within the udk. Here was demo 1 :)

Test list is as follows:

Brief kismet functionality. Following features tested:
-Conditional touch triggers
-Conditional LOS triggers
-Triggering material changes
-Testing jump movement of audio source
-Importing and testing audio and attenuation linked to specific audio sources
-Packaging a basic level, recording footage with audio

I should note that while I will attempt to prevent this from affecting my daily paintings, I am also crunching  at work, so there is no promises (its why I have missed the last few days). Also some paintings may get replaced with concept images


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Daily Painting #105

Hey guys, missed a day, due to work. Things will get kinda crazy as we ramp up our crunch but I will attempt to stick with it. More technical stuff on the way though :)